Fused Vessel Sinks with Lisa Vogt

Sink Class

Fused Vessel Sinks Workshop
4 Full-Day, Hands-on Advanced Technique Workshop
Class meets daily in Lisa’s private studio in Wesley Chapel, Florida
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Class is limited to 4 students.

Fused Vessel Sinks with Lisa Vogt

Kiln-formed sinks are the hottest functional, art glass topic today! In this class, Lisa will teach you the many advanced techniques used to create these lavish basins. She’ll cover the many processes used to: create large vessels, concepts for design and color selection, plus much more.

Beginner and advanced students alike will gain valuable knowledge that they can apply immediately to push their work to an exciting new level of sophistication. Each student will leave class with several projects, a large vessel and process outlines, plus the technical information and confidence needed to fire at home. With the professional tricks and secrets revealed, you’ll be ready to dive in and take the fused sink plunge!

Here’s what students are saying about the class.

Sink Class September 2014

I have been a glass artist for 10 years but have never made a glass sink. Having a severely autistic daughter very much limits traveling for me. I have never before had the opportunity to attend glass conventions or go to a workshop so far from home. I very much wanted to expand the scope of my work and meet Lisa Vogt, who I have only known from afar through her books and body of work.
I was not disappointed with this workshop despite a first-time-ever problem with a kiln which ruined my first attempt at a sink. Lisa is a wonderful host and teacher. She is very flexible with what is being done, knowledgeable, gracious, patient and helpful. I really had fun, learned a lot and relaxed. It was a very satisfying and fast four days. Whether you are an experienced glass artist or a novice, I would highly recommend this workshop.
-Joanne Miller

I have contemplated taking a fused glass class specifically for sinks for quite some time. I am so happy I finally decided to take this one with instructor Lisa Vogt. I have worked on glass pieces for a number of years; I usually shy away from workshops because I want to be free to add my own spin on a project not have to follow along piece by piece in a cookie cutter design - this class was perfect for me. There were novice glass workers that also took the workshop and from my observation, it was perfect for them. Lisa was there every step of the way to guide, advice and answer questions, but each and every piece was definitely driven by the individual artists we strive to be.
This workshop was intense in the hours required but worth every minute spent. Thank you Lisa!
Arlene RB Sullivan
Executive Director/Artist
Changing Images Art Foundation, Inc.

Lisa Vogt is by far THE best glass instructor, hands down! I have learned so much from her. And the vessel sink was awesome. If you’re looking to learn a ton of info, all the how-tos from the industries best, there’s no other choice!
Lisa really inspired us to take our art to the next level. Thank you so very much!
-Tam Carullo

Sink Class January 2014

What a wonderful opportunity to work hand in hand with one of our industries most creative glass artist! Lisa can inspire and encourage new ideas and techniques in students at all levels, from beginner to professional! I found my time with Lisa to be a pivotal investment in my career! I’m so glad I made the commitment…and the pieces I made paid the way!!!
Kathleen Bromley Rothman
KATGLASS: The Stained Glass Studio of Clearwater

I have taken two of Lisa Vogt’s sink classes and I have to say that they were both very informative and worth every penny!!! She is a hands on, down to earth girl, who is very involved with her students and wants all her students to succeed. I would highly recommend Lisa's class to anyone who loves to learn more about the glass fusing process. She doesn't just show you how to make the piece, but she also explains how the process works.
I have known Lisa and Joe, her business partner since 2001 and they have helped me develop my business and are always there to help me when I run into a problem with my work.
I highly recommend her sink class. You will have a blast and learn so much.
Patti Wieclaw

I’d been admiring Lisa’s beautiful sinks for many years and was doubtful that I’d be able to create one of my own—even with her guidance and assistance. She patiently walked the class through each step of the process and provided insights on techniques to provide interest within the individual sinks. Our class was able to do at least six different projects during the week—expanding our knowledge and skill in dealing with hot glass. Although several members of the class had extensive experience, Lisa made sure not to leave anyone behind while creating our unique pieces. I would recommend this class and am considering attending a second time because of the inspiration and opportunity to try new things with Lisa!
-Pat Boody

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Exceed Your Expectations!

If you’ve been intrigued
by this in-depth workshop,
it’s your turn to ramp up
your skill level, go bigger and
finally craft that piece
you’ve always dreamed of.
What are you waiting for?
There’s no better time
to be in warm, sunny Florida
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While everyone up-north is
complaining about snow
you’ll be having the
time of your life
discovering newfound talents while wearing shorts & a T-shirt.

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Class is limited to 4 students.

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