Fused Vessel Sink 4-Day Workshop
September 16-19

Sink Class
Here’s what students like YOU are saying about the class.

"What a wonderful opportunity to work hand in hand with one of our industries most creative glass artist! Lisa can inspire and encourage new ideas and techniques in students at all levels, from beginner to professional! I found my time with Lisa to be a pivotal investment in my career! I’m so glad I made the commitment…and the pieces I made paid the way!!!"
Kathleen Bromley Rothman
KATGLASS: The Stained Glass Studio of Clearwater

"I have taken two of Lisa Vogt sink classes and I have to say that they were both very informative and worth every penny!!! She is a hands on, down to earth girl, who is very involved with her students and wants all her student to succeed. I would highly recommend Lisa's class to anyone who loves to learn more about the glass process. She doesn't just show you how to make the piece, but she also explains how the process works. I have known Lisa and Joe since 2001 and they have helped me develop my business and are always there to help me when I run into a problem with my work. I highly recommend her sink class. You will have a blast and learn so much."
Patti Wieclaw

"I’d been admiring Lisa’s beautiful sinks for many years and was doubtful that I’d be able to create one of my own—even with her guidance and assistance. She patiently walked the class through each step of the process and provided insights on techniques to provide interest within the individual sinks. Our class was able to do at least six different projects during the week—expanding our knowledge and skill in dealing with hot glass. Although several members of the class had extensive experience, Lisa made sure not to leave anyone behind while creating our unique pieces. I would recommend this class and am considering attending a second time because of the inspiration and opportunity to try new things with Lisa!"
P. Boody

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